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New Delhi

Looking at the current Covid scenario, attending a face-to-face interactive live seminar can be beneficial for you to learn about the essential tech you can also use for your  business.

Use the Latest Tech To Grow Your Business

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Though business coaching/trainings are important, without the right Technology nothing gets Implemented.


See more than 100 ways to automate your business & run it with half the people  from anywhere with just a smartphone.

Sanjeev Jain

Serial Entrepreneur, Automation Expert, & Technology Coach

Trained over 3500 entrepreneurs including owners of Action Group, Okaya, Bikano, Virgo Laminates etc.

These are unprecedented times and requires that you enhance your Tech Skills to not only survive but grow exponentially. 

As a Technology coach I have seen business owners make the same mistakes and struggle un-necessarily. 

I would like to invite you to a no obligation 3 hour session on simple technology that can end daily fire fighting & save 3 hours per day in your business.

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with Sanjeev Jain

24th June (SAT), 8 am onwards at New Delhi


👉 Breakfast

👉 Speed Networking with tech-savvy entrepreneurs

👉 Tech Session by Sanjeev Jain

👉 Executive Lunch

👉 Meeting with CBX Tech TITANS

👉 Meet people who have implemented 100% technology

24th June (SAT), 8 am onwards at New Delhi


Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to go to next Level with Tech.

People who are looking for Automated Sales & Conversion.

Business owners who are fed up with high costs & poor margins. Looking to reinvent their business model.

Business owners who are frustrated with continuous firefighting and crises, unable to focus on growth.

Business owners who want to make their business scalable, expand to multiple locations and serve a larger market.

Business owners who want to get 10x results with half the cost by using Tech to reduce dependence on manpower.



Every Business Technology is explained with tactical methodology and practical tools and systems to get the work done.


Don't just learn how to, but see it for yourself. Generate leads as per domain, industry and location


Stop chasing after your employees. With our systems, get automated follow ups and reports. Improve your employee's productivity


Learn how you can also manage  the operations of all your departments effortlessly.


Learn how to put your existing business to autopilot with automations. Watch our systems in action!


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Ask away! Get complete download of our methodology and learn the basics of business automation.

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Date: 24th June(SAT) Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Here’s What Some Of Our Business Owner's Say

Meet Your Trainer

Sanjeev Jain

Serial Entrepreneur, Automation Expert, & Technology Coach


Sanjeev is a MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. He is married to Ekta and is blessed with two sons Abhinav and Arjun. 

Its difficult to say that he derived his hobbies from profession or profession from the hobbies. He loves Science & Technology, reading Science Fiction and Tech Gadgets.

He has had an illustrious career spanning over 20 years. He earlier headed the family business of Fragrance Products & helped it become the largest in its field with a 20 acre plant near Manesar.

Because of his love for Technology he started TNS (Technology Never Sleeps) in 2007  which is  now a leading provider of Technology Solutions. Sanjeev believes that Technology is no longer a tool but the transformative power behind Nations & Businesses. 

Currently he’s working on his new venture CEOITBOX, where he trains entrepreneurs on using  Technology to fully automate their business & run it from their smartphone. 

He has trained over 3000 entrepreneurs including owners & directors from companies like Okaya, Action TESA, Mikrotek, Anmol Biscuits to name a few. He has given talks at Rotary, YPO, CII, PMA, PHD, NAR, IIC, EO, YBLF, AITWA, BGTA, BNI etc. 

He is a distinguished Rotarian having remained President (2014-15) of the prestigious Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial. He is a Level 1 Major Donor & Paul Harris Fellow. He has helped setup social projects such as Solar Power & Computer Labs for village schools, Vocational training schools etc. 

He is the Past President of the BNI’s Empezar Chapter, which is one of the best performing BNI Chapters in Delhi NCR with over 80 plus highly credible members.

His mission is to help owners of even the most complex businesses, run their business from a smartphone with complete automation!  

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Achieve company valuations of 500 or 1000 crore + 

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IMPLEMENT Technology to make actual difference

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Crack the market with methodology and tech

Generate 10x Sales

Take your business to autopilot mode

Reserve a seat now to unlock Bonuses worth Rs. 6,000


with Sanjeev Jain

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Date: 24th June (SAT) Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Early Bird Offer : Rs. 3900 only (valid till 17th June)


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start?

On 25th March from 8 am onwards. You can get the workshop dates on the top of the page.

Where is the event going to take place?

The event is going to take place at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Here is the location link: goo.gl/maps/3ScyXnwmWPFzP8zr6

What are the timings?

You find all the details on the top of the page.

How to do marketing?

Offline - Traditional channels through distributors, sales rep,affiliate marketing, referrals and networking

Online- Digital marketing, Networking, Automation Tech

Will you be sharing recordings?

No, we won't be sharing any recordings. Since, it's a live workshop, it's expected that each participant will attend the workshop live. Also, recordings of a live session are just boring.

When will I receive the bonus?

You will receive the bonus during the workshop.

How is this seminar different?

Most seminars are superficial and just based on theories. Our systems are deeply rooted with implementation of technology & methodology.

Still Not Convinced?

Go to YouTube and type my name, “Sanjeev Jain”, check reviews and testimonials

I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting value from me. Here is a shortcut to out youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/@SanjeevJainCBX

24th June (SAT), 8 am onwards at New Delhi